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Community Networks 18 March 2021

Guide to Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities in the U.S.

This guide offers an overview of federal funding options that could provide financial support to Tribal, state, and local governments and utilities in their efforts to expand broadband infrastructure. We have also included the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) programs because of their wide applicability; while technically a federal-state partnership, ARC offers funding in 13 states.

Varying dramatically in size, these funding opportunities target a wide variety of deployment scenarios and end users. The programs encompass infrastructure buildout, service subsidies, and technical planning assistance.

This guide provides information on a range of funding opportunities—most of which are currently open, but some of which may be awaiting future funding. We include the latter because application deadlines and funding allocations are a moving target for many programs, and we believe there is value in being aware of programs that might be available again in the future.

Rather than presenting the programs alphabetically, we have highlighted some of the most significant opportunities first. Additionally, we have included a summary in Appendix A of the current status of the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, as we believe its impacts are worth consideration as a broadband grant strategy is developed. A glossary of terms is also included in Appendix B to help readers navigate both broadband solutions and funding opportunities.

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