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About Internet Society 6 August 2015

Internet Society Special Interest Groups (SIG) Outline

Purpose of a Special Interest Group (SIG)

A SIG is a non-geographical independent entity recognized by the Internet Society. A SIG is formed by Individual Members of the Internet Society with the desire to pursue significant long-term activities that support the non-profit mission of the Internet Society.

SIGs will have a global scope and may have Individual Members of the Internet Society who are also members of a geographical Chapter without overlapping with the rights of the Chapter SIG applications and bylaws will include a statement of scope approved by the Internet Society and presented to the Chapters and other SIGs for peer review.

Officers of a SIG cannot be officers of an existing Internet Society Officers Chapter.

Types of SIGs

There are two kinds of SIGs: “Provisional” and “Permanent”.

(a) On formation, a SIG is Provisional, being chartered for an initial period not to exceed two years. A Provisional SIG will exist until its charter is withdrawn by ISOC or otherwise expires, until its dissolution, or until it is converted it to a Permanent SIG.

Internet Society may extend a Provisional SIG’s charter; but no SIG may be Provisional for more than three consecutive years.

(b) A Permanent SIG exists until its charter is withdrawn by ISOC or otherwise expires, until its dissolution, or it is returned to Provisional status. No SIG may become Permanent unless it has been Provisional for at least one year immediately prior to conversion.

A proposal to merge a group of SIGs may be submitted by the Internet Society, or by all the governing bodies of the SIGs in the proposed merged group.

Guidelines for organizing SIGs

The application and charter process for SIGs will be the same as for geographical Chapters. SIGs will have a charter letter (the “Charter”) but will have no rights to select representatives to the Internet Society Board of Trustees according to the By-Laws of the Society. (see attached the format of the SIG Charter Letter)

Note: Formation of new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) currently on hold. For more information please contact isocsig@isoc.org

Viability Review Cycle

Internet Society will conduct a thorough review of each Provisional and Permanent SIG every year.

The purpose of the review is to affirm that the SIG specialty is of continuing value to the non-profit mission of Internet Society, that the SIG members continue to support the activities of the SIG, and that the SIG officers have continued to comply with the Charter minimum standards.

These reviews can be used as a basis for withdrawal of the Charter, merger, or elevation to Permanent status.

A SIG that is subject to loss of its charter has the right to a peer appeal process and a subsequent right to petition the Board of Trustees for a final appeal to retain active status, wherein the decision of the Board of Trustees will be final.

The reasons for considering the withdrawal of the Charter of a Permanent SIG include, but are not limited to:

the majority recommendation of that SIG’s governing body; failure to maintain sufficient activity or member

support over an extended period, or failure to comply with bylaws and policies of the Internet Society.

SIGs connection to geographical Chapters

Collaboration between geographical Chapters and SIGs is highly recommended, as the local dissemination of information and impact will be crucial to the success of the SIGs.

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