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Everyone should have access to an open and trusted Internet.
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Action Plan 2021

The roadmap for our work ahead – let’s join together to support our vision that the Internet is for everyone.

Impact Report 2020

Some of our important work in 2020, highlighting how our community has worked together to to build, promote and defend the Internet.

Global Internet Report (GIR)

From trust to consolidation, access to sustainability, a deep look at the forces shaping our digital future.

Policy Briefs

Our perspective on critical Internet issues, including community networks, encryption, open Internet standards, Internet Exchange Points, and more.

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The Internet Domain Name System Explained for Non-Experts by Daniel Karrenberg

Date: 1 Mar 2004

Dear non-Experts,

This is for you, who always wanted or needed to know how Internet names really work. The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) is a fascinating ...

Organization Reports

On annual basis, we publish annual reports (an Action Plan and Impact Report), as well as financial reports, annual financial statements, and Form 990s.