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Muhammad Shabbir

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Muhammad Shabbir is an analyst, rights activist and a researcher with expertise in international relations, internet governance, as well as in policy and strategy formulation.

In pursuit of his aim to help make the Internet equally trustable, accessible and inclusive for all, Muhammad Shabbir participates in various global, regional and national initiatives and organizations, along with serving on a number of boards and multi stakeholder groups. At global and regional level, he is the founding President of the ISOC Accessibility Special Interest Group; Member of APRIGF Multi Stakeholder Group; member of IGF's DCAD (Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability) Steering Group; and member of ICANN Technology Task Force, Non Commercial Users Constituency, and Cross Community Committee on Accessibility. He also delivered presentations in APSIG and MEAC-SIG. At national level, he is a Member Board of Directors of the ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter and have been a Steering Committee member, regular faculty and a participant of PKSIG at its all six events. He has also worked in collaboration with ISOC Asia Pacific Bureau and other organizations on a number of projects on digital accessibility in Pakistan. In the quest to make digital environment Pakistan accessible for People With Disabilities (PWDs), he undertook number of projects with Ministries of telecom and Technology, Human Rights, Information and Broadcasting, Planning, as well with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, State Bank of Pakistan, Right to Information Commission and Higher Education Commission.

Muhammad Shabbir has an M. Phil degree in International Relations, his Ph.D. dissertation in International Relations is submitted for review and he is serving as Research Associate in Institute of Strategic Studies, Research and Analysis at National Defence University Islamabad. He has published and presented his research works at different national and international forums. He has experience in working with volunteer-based organizations since 1997 and have assumed different positions of responsibility. Appart from the organizations in IG domain mentioned above, these organizations include: International Political Science Association, Pakistan Blind Cricket Council, Rawalpindi Cricket Club of the Blind, True Sight Organization of the Blind Pakistan and Islamabad Council on World Affairs.

Muhammad Shabbir is from Pakistan. He is also a person with lived experience of disability on account of him being blind. He tweets as @MShabirAwan.

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